The Importance and Art of Balance in Work, Relationships, Spirituality and Life


One of the greatest challenges people are facing in this modern new world is reaching and maintaining balance, for all these mundane worries of everyday life push us completely out of sync with reality and ourselves. It’s certainly not an easy task to remain balanced given the fact we live in such a chaotic and unbalanced world, and unfortunately most of us are not even aware that something needs to be done about our stability.

Because it’s easier to get into an unbalanced state of living, if we doesn’t take some time to exercise awareness on the several aspects our lives, we might lose balance for good. Instead of simply letting yourself slip into an equal routine everyday where you wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat… gain control of your life and reach balance by developing and maintaining a lifestyle based on healthy practices that are focused in equal parts on the mind, body and spirit.

Balancing your mind

Countless people let their minds wander without control throughout the day, unaware that a balanced mind is highly related to how much our thoughts are tamed and under control, and that we should think only of what we intend to. When you realize that the days are passing by you too quickly and that time seems to simply fly out of control, then you should maybe take some time to think if your thoughts are focused on the here and now and if you are enjoying your life.

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In the end, what really matters is for us to be able of enjoying every single day as if it’s our last, and to reach such divine goal, our thoughts must be aligned with our souls. Always remember that yesterday is gone already and there’s no way that you’ll ever be able of going back in time and change anything that already happened, you can only learn from any mistakes you’ve made or rejoice in the memories of those beautiful moments you lived.

Thoughts from the past might lead to negative or depressive feelings such as guilt or regret, and we should always understand that one of the keys to mental success is being able of letting go of these feelings. Why not to simply recycle these moments and forgive ourselves and others, and just enjoy our lives without being attached and stuck to the past.

To keep our thoughts wandering in the future can be just as bad, for such projections might cause unnecessary pressure due to the fear and anxiety they might bring. If we think of the future way beyond the simple and healthy planning and setting of goals, the sheer joy of living in the moment can be stolen from us. Understand that each day is a gift to take steps towards our goals, and maybe that’s why it’s called the present. Focus on the present if you want to maintain balance in your mind and your life, for focusing on the here and now can reduce your stress levels like few things can, so here are some tips:

  • A quiet and isolated moment

Your house should be your private land of peace and comfort, but when you think of how many noises it reproduces from the countless apparatus you packed filled it with, is it really that quiet and isolated to find balance inside of it? The constant buzz of the refrigerator, the ticking of the clock, the cars passing outside, the dog of your neighbor barking louder than the buzz of the garbage truck… Because all these noises become imprinted in your mind, you start associating them with discomfort and it becomes impossible for you to really relax and enjoy the beauty of silence. Give your mind some vacations; isolate yourself from unnecessary noises while listening to music with some nice noise-cancelling headphones, or appreciating the blissful solitude and natural silence of a mountain trail, a vast field or an under-crowded beach.

  • A life without media

Whenever we take some time to isolate ourselves from society and find peace on a mountain, we realize how much we don’t need a cell phone, television or a fast internet connection to be happy. In such scenarios we tend to rule out from our lives what we don’t really need and allow our minds to be at peace by focusing on what actually matters.

  • The joy of playing a game

Do you still remember how much you loved to play games when you were a child? Be it card games, board games, crossword puzzles or anything that involved the healthy and playful interaction with other people. Probable countless years have passed since the last time you did so, so why not to invite your best friends or loved one for a nice late night or Sunday afternoon match and let your mind focus again on a life without problems, concerns… just fun!

Balance your body

In order to have a body that breathes balance, a healthy lifestyle with the right amount of exercise, sleep and proper diet is a must. If you can dedicate twenty minutes of your day (or at least every second day) to do some physical exercise, not only your body will benefit from it, but your mind and soul as well, for when you exercise your body releases countless natural hormones that bring you relaxation and good feelings. Even just a short late-afternoon walk can do wonders!

To be aware of what you ingest and how your body is reacting to its diet is crucial in order to reach and maintain balance. If you don’t know how to plan a proper diet, ask your nutritionist for precious advice dependant on your individual needs. And always remember that you need between 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night if you want to balance the peace of your thoughts. Lack of sleep makes us unable of being properly effective of productive.

Always follow a healthy lifestyle by avoiding drugs, drinking at least two liters of water every day and avoiding the exposure to chemicals or toxic areas in your hometown. Here are some tips for you to get in touch with your balanced body:

  • Find yourself in Nature

How balanced you feel inside is amazingly connected to how balanced your external reality is, and nothing can bring you more peace and balance than Nature. When you’re fully surrounded by Nature and use your awareness to admire how beautifully divine such organic creation is, then all the problems that were haunting you start fading away and a new clear perception comes your way. Take some time each week to rejoice in the splendor of deep forests and high mountains, rivers and lakes, and reconnect yourself with the greatest source of peace, inspiration and creativity – Mother Earth!

  • Be open to a new adventure

If there’s something in your life that you always desired to try, now is the time to plan it until completion! When we were younger, every plan seemed so interesting and exciting, but as we grew older we lost the natural motivation to experiment new things and jump aboard new adventures. But it’s so important to never stop trying new things and allowing your life to be refilled with new emotions and experiences!

Whatever your dreams are, follow them – be it a safari, horse-riding, hiking all the way up an amazing mountain, taking your family to a paintball game, or anything that at first might sound childish, for nothing brings greater balance in life than being in touch with our inner child! Never forget that you can have fun for the sake of having fun, and if you forgot how to do so, just learn from the younger and adventurous children in your family.

Conclusion and final words

A life replenished with balance has a lot to do with finding the beauty in simplicity, for when our lives are built around sheer simplicity, everything becomes much easier to understand and do. Whenever we feel balanced, everything is simple and can be done with a smile on our faces.

In order to find balance in your life, never forget that fun and leisure must be a natural part of it. Of course we need to be serious and focused on the things we must do for a living, for we are not children anymore, but if we forget how to get fun, then our lives become seriously unbalanced.

Dedicate some time at least each second month to take some short vacations that can give you absolute distance from your daily routine, and always be eager to learn and experience something new. If you let your inner child speak and think through you, you’ll start perceiving reality in a much natural and inspired way.

A balanced life is not such a complicated thing to reach, and for most of us all it takes is deep abstraction from society and a great reconnection with Nature from time to time, for everything that is natural has a thousand stories and lessons to teach us about how to slow down and breathe deeply all the way to a happy and balanced life.



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