North Node in Astrology – Significations, Transits and Progressions

North Node is also known as Rahu in Indian astrology. As you know, the North node and the South node are opposites, and while the other is all about familiarity and comfort, the North Node forces you to learn new abilities and skills, to take on new qualities that help you feel personal success, happiness and fulfilment. It’s like a good cop – bad cop situation where the good cop is the South Node, while the North node is (you guessed it) the bad cop. And although the North node will always evoke in you some fear of the unknown,, that does not at all mean that the North node is bad for you. 

The North node is like paddling a canoe upstream, while that is strenuous on your muscles, it also builds them and you build confidence and skill, but if you had remained at the riverbank, you would not had had the experience, or the skill, and you certainly wouldn’t have felt the lasting satisfaction that you got from the exercise. It is like the activation of your life’s mission, and it makes your occasional ‘trip’ back to your south node all the more worthwhile. Because with your North node, you will now have a point of destiny to follow throughout your life.

Significations of North Node

wolf in sheep’s clothing, camouflage, smoke and shadows, pollution, chase, alcohol, addictions, confusions, thief and trickster, schemer, resistance, uncapitulating, unflinching, thirst for evolution (or growth or change), suppressed desires, betrayal, jealousy, foreigners, wildlings, out-caste status, anti-religion, someone who belongs to other culture. Some other significations are in-laws, birds, crows.

Mundane Astrology Keywords

Diplomatic moves, manipulations and deceit, Lobbyists and scammers, Insincere and Immoral acts, hatred and communalism, epidemics and communicable diseases, riots and mobs

Diseases indicated by North Node

Illnesses due to smoke, addictions and metaphysical or past (life) causes, breathing problems, phobias, epilepsy, poisoning. Other troubles include distress to children and spouses, as well as poisoning, contamination and ruckus by enemies.

Education and Professions indicated by North Node

Non traditional professions such as research, psychics, aviation and space fields, electronics and path-breaking technology. Wine making, poison dealers, smugglers, gamblers, charlatans, narcotics dealers, multi-level marketers, plumbers, toilet cleaners, sweepers, spies, garbage collection and recycling.

Commodities indicated by North Node

Lead, Glass, Ground nuts, cigars, Things that taste bitter, hard or cold.


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