North Node – Meaning, Significations, Transits and Progressions

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Significations of North Node: wolf in sheep’s clothing, camouflage, smoke and shadows, pollution, chase, alcohol, addictions, confusions, thief and trickster, schemer, resistance, uncapitulating, unflinching, thirst for evolution (or growth or change), suppressed desires, betrayal, foreigners, wildlings, out-caste status, someone who belongs to other culture. Some other significations are in-laws, birds, crows.

Mundane Astrology Keywords:

Diplomatic moves, manipulations and deceit. Lobbyists and scammers. Insincere and Immoral acts.

Diseases indicated by North Node

Illnesses due to smoke, addictions and metaphysical or past (life) causes, breathing problems, phobias, epilepsy, poisoning. Other troubles include distress to children and spouses, as well as poisoning, contamination and ruckus by enemies.

Education and Professions indicated by North Node

Non traditional professions such as research, psychics, aviation and space fields, electronics and path-breaking technology. Wine making, poison dealers, smugglers, gamblers, charlatans, narcotics dealers, multi-level marketers, plumbers, toilet cleaners, sweepers, garbage collection and recycling.

Commodities indicated by North Node – Lead, Iron, Steel, Crude Oil, Things that taste bitter, hard or cold.


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