Emerald – Uses, Benefits & Who Should Wear

Emerald is an extremely precious gemstone that is green in colour. It is called Pannal in Hindi and holds power for financial stability. Mercury is its ruling planet and it is a strong stone that clocks in at 8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Emeralds are green in colour and the lighter coloured stones are more preferred to the dark ones. You will find them largely as fashion adornments. They are quite expensive and it is difficult to determine their suitability for astrological purposes even by experienced hands.


Emeralds have had many uses for centuries, especially in the corridors of power and royalty. Although it is hard, it breaks easily, so you will find many artifacts of crowns and adornments with emerald fitted and embedded therein, but you will not find the emeral being used industrially like the diamond or the pearls. 

Benefits of Emerald 

Emeralds are expensive, and for good reason, they bring financial stability into a person’s life. In areas of business, career and life in general, the emerald gemstone will cause the wearer to come out on top. Emerald gemstones also increase the intellectual power of the wearer and makes their communication skills better. This in turn helps relationships, academic, and professional pursuits. But its strongest power is seen in wealth creation and management. 

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How to select Emerald 

Emeralds may look all put together when looked at with our naked eyes, but when out under a loupe or a magnifier, you may see some inclusions that may not be suitable for astrological uses (even though they may be okay for fashion uses). In order not to make mistakes when selecting Emerald gemstones, you must allow a trusted and tested gemologist assess the stone you want to buy and let them know it is for astrological uses so that you don’t buy a stone with inclusions that may prohibit light from passing through, or some that have black spots. Too many imperfections in an emerald stone will give you negative results. 

You need at least 2 carats, and you cannot use the size of other gemstones to estimate the weight of Emerald stones, they have to be weighed so you can be sure that they are of jyotish standard. One benefit of buying an emerald stone from a reputed and trusted Gemstone provider is that you will get a certificate. This certificate will contain the quality, origin, color and cut of the Panna stone. Please note that the brighter coloured emerald stones are of the best quality.

How to wear Emerald

Emerald stones must be worn properly to give the desired effect in the wearer’s life. The best day to wear this gemstone is a Wednesday within the first hour of sunrise, and it should be worn with gold metal rings preferably. As with other gemstones, the ring should touch your skin for it to be effective and quickly release its powers in your life. If you are not born in May or Taurus is not your birth sign, then this gemstone is NOT for you, so you need to consult the services of an expert astrologist to recommend a suitable gemstone for you, if not, you will have negative effects from using the wrong gemstone. 

Wearing an emerald also requires you to put it in cow milk for at least 10 minutes before wearing to remove the impurities, you will also need to recite the mantra, “Om Budhaye Namah”, thus invoking the planet Mercury (Budh). When choosing what finger to wear the ring on, men have to wear theirs on their right hand, while women have the freedom to choose either the left or the right hand, but the finger remains constant – the little finger. Avoid hitting the stone on a hard surface. 


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