Monthly Love Horoscopes

Monthly love predictions to connect you with immediate priorities in love relationships this month.

To view your monthly love horoscope, please choose your sun sign below. Your sun sign is determined on the basis of your date of birth.

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vandana pal (@vandana pal) : April 9th, 2010

i want to know my year 2019

VIKAS (@VIKAS) : March 7th, 2011

i want to know my year 2011

(@) : August 26th, 2012
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hi i am seeing a cancer man who is 4 years older but it feels we are not in a relationship at times he wants me there and at times he doesnt, he decided that we end things but i begged himthat we dont and as of now i dont know what i asked for, i love him deeply and although i may meet other throbs he just romanced me so deeply that i feel he is the only one for me, what do i do?

Janet (@Janet310) : June 30th, 2014
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what is my love like 2014 would my x boyfriend which is a scorpio coming back to reunite with me

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