Nāgar Karnūl, Andhra Pradesh, India

Nāgar Karnūl, formerly known as Karnul, is a city located in the Telangana state of India, situated at latitude 16.4821° N and longitude 78.3247° E. It is known for its rich history and heritage, with significant historical monuments such as the Nagarjuna Konda, a Buddhist site dating back to the 3rd century BCE, and the Golconda Fort, a 16th-century fort that once served as the capital of the Qutb Shahi dynasty. The city experiences a tropical wet and dry climate with hot summers and mild winters.

Famous Persons from Nāgar Karnūl, Andhra Pradesh, India

No persons found born in this location.

Places near Nāgar Karnūl, Andhra Pradesh, India


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