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    I have been dating this aquarius man for 4 months, recently we broke up and he hasnt talked to me since, I have seen him and he dosent even speak to me, I know that when we was together that he loved me, He didnt even call are text me a Happy Birthday then on Mothers day he texts me and says Happy Mothers day, I mean what was the purpose of that, Is this his way of saying that he still cares about me are he is trying to be my friend, Im so confused, I did text back and say thanks, and thats about all i said.

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    aquarius men are weirdos – run for your life!! One minute they love you and cant take a breath without you and then theyr running off with their best friends girl friend! Then they’re back doing your head in about the love they have for you. Theyre like head lice!!


    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, I hear you! An Aquarius man I know is dating a really down-to-earth lady and has asked all different women out, including myself. When I asked him about that he was in a relationship with her, he stated, “were just friends”! Yeah right! A girl that you live with and share a bed with every night. Headlice is a good analogy. It’s a scratch that nags at you and doesn’t leave you alone!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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