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    I’ve been with a beatiful aquarius woman now for nearly 2 and a half years. Be more percise, 2 years and 4 months. Our relationship of course has it’s ups and doens. Being a scorpio male, I hate to admit it but how some are called possesive, it’s true for me. Of course, I do my best to control it. It’s just far to natural to control like my partner’s bluntness. She rarely flitters what she’ll say and sometimes it’s hurtful. Back to the point, she’ll get upset if I act possesive of her. I understand that yet in private she loves just to be near me and allow me to be as possesive as I wish. Sometimes I’ll get leaned on and she’ll put my arm around her and make sure I’m holding her closely. She wouldn’t ever do such a thing in public. I’d rather not annoy her with it before looking into it more so I’m wondering the how to go about this.

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