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aqurius man,how much does he really likes me,,,

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    i met an aqurious , man who moved into my rv park,,,he wanted me to walk his dog ,,every day ,,,so,,i did,,,we became close friends,,,i helped him , with everything he needed help with,,,,he would invite me over for a glass of wine,,,we got along so good,,,hes very respectfull,,easy to get along with,,until he had to move to sunriver or,,for the summer,,for personal reasons,,,he waited for the last minute to leave,,,he didnt want to leave,,,,i was so sad,,,,he calls me often ,,,for just being good friends,,,,he wants me to visit,,,him,,,this summer,,,he says im so sweet,,,and appiriecates everything i did for him,,,,he said he will be back,,,,will he really come back,,does he like me more than ,he is showing me,,,,,

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