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How to save a new relationship after a fight

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    Im a leo and so she is, we are having a new relationship for the past 4 months, but living in 2 different countries, our first meeting was great, but during the second, i spoiled it with my bad behavior due to the discussion openned by her about our overseas relationship, she got mad about and i spoiled our romantic moment before to start, we spent the 2 other days very quite till i left back to my country where i live, before i left, we decided that we are continuing our relatioship since we are convinced to give it a chance. the issue is that she is not giving attention like before and felt disappointed about how i spoiled our first nite, so now i m lost of how to treat her and dnt want to loose her. any ideas???

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    Well, it is a common theme among new couples. The very first fight and entire romantic imaginations just fizzle out. 🙂

    It is now aligning with reality and grows from there. Its a good thing in many ways because from now onwards you two will simply drop unreasonable expectations and be more practical.

    • Don’t give that fight much importance.
    • Don’t bother about “loosing her” because any effort made to keep it intact and intimate simply indicates that you two are very distant at first place. Think about it.
    • Relax and relax more. Too much of thinkingness will spoil the fun.

    Love is a happening. And irrespective of fights and issues it can continue to grow but be assured that Love is totally absent in presence of thinkingness, control and fear.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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