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Will I get back with my ex?

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    Recently my ex and I have met up after his marraige ended, for the girl he left me for,  (his dovorce is coming through soon). I am just wondering how he feels about me and if we are ever going to get back together.


    Hi Curious;

    I am a believer in the “No Contact” Policy after a breakup. Breaking up with someone you invested time with and shared time with and adored is a loss. Loss like losing a loved one to death needs time to grieve the person you lost. Moving forward and going through the hurt and emotions that you feel is necessary to moving forward and being with the person you are meant to be with.

    Your ex appears to be pretty fickle when it comes to relationships. Jumping into relationship to relationship appears that the relationships didn’t mean much to him or he doesn’t want to feel the pain of loosing the relationship. If the relationship didn’t work out than it wasn’t meant to be.

     I understand that this is probably pretty hard to hear right now but everyone goes through this at some point or many points in their lives. Learning from the relationship mistakes is necessary to improve when you are ready to move forward into the next one.

    Keeping yourself busy and doing some things with your friends that you enjoy is pretty helpful. Eating healthy and exercise regularly helps to ward off depression because it acts like an anti-depressant that increases serotonin in the brain.


    Meet up with him some more and find out.

    I would never go back to an ex. I feel there are more men in the world so why him again? If you were that special for him so why did he leave in the first place  and aren’t you afraid he would go again? 



    Exactly, SpanishBull! You have hit the nail right on the head, so to speak. If you did take him back, he may leave you again. The other excellent point that SpanishBull made that I absolutely agree with is there are lots of wonderful men out there. A man that will take the relationship seriously and will love you.


    U wonder abt this man after what he did 2u! Stop wondering & just move on 🙂


    Hi Ben :). I do agree with Ben. Moving on with your life and taking one step ahead of the other and looking for more positive things in life, will make your life more purposeful and fulfilling.

    Being in love with someone can either be very rewarding and exciting and fulfilling or it can cause great heartbreak. We all go through heartbreak. Learning how to learn from the past relationship disaster and healing from it will help you in the future and strenghen you when you are ready for the next relationship.


    Blessings to you!

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