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    Is it Libra Man and Scorpio Woman marriage is preferable. I like one boy he is Libra and his date of birth is 6th April 1985 and my date of birth is 1st Nav 1989. 

    can i know about our marriage life and when we can marry anb is it preferable to marry.




    Being married is a serious commitment. Dating and getting to know each other is pretty important. Rushing into marriage can be a pretty serious error on some peoples parts which can lead the couple struggling to survive in their marriage.

    Going by compatability in astrology is not always something you can trust. Relationships take work and being able to accept your partners weak areas of their character.

    I would like to mention that I’m not a big believer in “falling in love” with somebody as some may suggest to a failing relationship that they “fell out of love”. I believe that their is one soulmate out there for each and every individual on this planet that we share. Someone that we have a spiritual connection with.

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    will me and my husband last he is a taurus and im a pisces


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    will me and my husband last he is a taurus and im a pisces


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