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Are there different “degrees” of a Scorpio?

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    Some Scorpios have more negative traits that really stand out and emphasize their jealousy, possesiveness, etc. Other Scorpios are more easy going and patient.

    Is the date of birth related to the Scorpio’s behavior? For example, my friend’s birthday is on October 23rd, and he’s hot tempered, highly impatient, selfish, very secretive, aggressive, and violent most of the time. Other times he is calm, reserved. My boyfriend’s birthday is on November 21st, and he seldom gets jealous, he handles his emotions calmly (except love, but I see that as a good thing ^-^ ), he’s patient, supportive, generous, and gentle.

    Or is a Scorpio’s behavior/personality related to how they were raised and based on personal, traumatic experiences?

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