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Aries and Virgo

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    Please can someone help with an answer to this question, though a bit long winded.

    I met someone about two months ago, Male Aries born 27 March 1985.  I am a female Virgo, 7 September 1973.  Yes he is 12 years younger than me.

    We went on our first date and wow. But I made the stupid mistake of having too much wine and well….one thing lead to another – the challenge was no longer there.  6 weeks later he called it off saying that he did not fit in with my friends.  I was livid, as he had not even met my friends he had met acquaintances at the local pub.

    I took the completely wrong approach I honestly thought this was just a fulfilled of a fantasy for him being with an older woman.  Well was I sooooo wrong, I am very good friends with his sister and he was totally taken by me.

    Now I am sitting wondering:

    1. Will he come back to me, as I really believe that he MAY still be interested.

    2. Is he apart of my future at all.

    I need some guidance here, this has become an obsession

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