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Cancer + Aquarius

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    Okay so My name is Kaylene & im a Cancerian Girl .

    I truely have been having confusion with my Ex Boyfriend who now for a third time wants to be with me again .

    His name is Will & hes a Aquarius, but to be honest i dont know much about Aquarius …..i was always more into Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces .

    Well anyway moving along….me & him have been together 3 times now & the first 2 times he broke up with me . Now he comes back saying how he wont ever hurt me again & how he just cant stay away from me . The first time Will & I were together it lasted a year & 3 months . So after thinking you know a person when being with them for so long & them them just breakin gup with you because they say they were angry for something you did almost 2 years ago…well it makes it kinda hard to trust them . The last time i seen Will was almost 2 years ago . Hes been in a Program for his own personal reasons ….but now it is April 29th & hes getting out in four May 2nd . Im so extremely nervous to be trying this again with him, even though this time he sounds genuine . 

    The question i would like for you to answer is if you think this relationship is going to work ? weve been doing this since 2009 . I either have to calm down & take it step by step or just learn to leave it alone . 

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    Talk to your ex. I know from experience of dating an Aquarius on and off, that often the Aquarius hurts the Moon Child (AKA. Cancerian girls like us). Aquarius don’t always like to go into detail about the past, and often try to forget or act nonchalant about it. I’d try going step by step with your ex, I wish I’d done that with mine before him and I started dating again. My first love was an Aquarius, and that’s how I can almost completely relate to what you’re going through, b/c I was in a very similar position. 


    Getting back to what I was saying, despite the fact that he might not want to talk about the past. Bring it up as if to question or discuss what happened and why it happened. Think of everything you’d like to ask/say to him, so you don’t miss any details that he might give you.


    If he gives a hard time about why you’re asking him these questions, depending on his body language and tone you can tell whether he is willing to deeply love you back or not. If he simply asks why you’re asking him those questions, tell him that you simply wanted to understand how he felt and why he felt that way.
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    Only get back together with him if you think you can handle it, but don’t let it be his decision, let it be yours.

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