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Taurus Male/Aries Female

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    I met my Taurus male and we had an instant connection.  I, being an assertive aries, immediatly sent him a facebook friend request.  We did not communicate much but he did write me and say Happy valentines day.  Well after two weeks I was able to see him again with mutual friends.  The night went so well that we slept together.  (Yikes)

    Anyway, all week we were in contact via text.  They were never long conversations and days went by without contact and then the following weekend we went out with friends again and had another amazing time.

    He had tickets to something the following weekend and is very busy with work and school and working out… so our conversations via text were not as frequent and I noticed he was not intiating.

    Then we saw each other again!  Another amazing time.  We spent time together on a getaway with friends and things couldn’t go better.


    But then…. he started ignoring my texts.  Sometimes he would write back but not often.  I asked if I could see him and he said “Maybe.”

    That weekend we didnt see each other (I found out later he met another girl, a gemini) and the next weekend after that he went out of town.

    He was kind but never asked to see me the weekend he was back and so I sent him a letter and said…. Listen, I noticed the interest isn’t mutual anymore so I plan to back off.  But I had an amazing time with you.  You are so smart and hard working… Good luck with everything and I hope if we see each other with our friends things are good with us.

    Well it broke my heart that two weeks went by without a response.  So in a spur of the moment decision… (Also thinking he might not have received my fb email) I wrote him a simple text about baseball.  He responded.  Later that night I wrote… “I feel like we should at least be friends.  Its a sad day for me that you don’t want more… because you are great in bed lol.  But I feel like you belong in my life.” 

    No response.   Finally I had enough and told him the next day that he was an asshole.  I told him that he could be up front and honest if he wasn’t interested in a relationship and that I expected more from him. 

    Well wouldn’t you know…. he wrote back!  He said I was right and he handled it wrong.  I wrote “Well remember for the next girl.”

    Then I deleted him of fb.

    I don’t want to lose him though and I want to know if he will chase me again.  Do Taurus men give up? I know he started seeing someone else… but did he forget me? Did I ruin it… I am just so torn apart by the rejection.  I truly felt he was the one.  As silly as that sounds…


    So do u think I have lost my chance? Or if I give it a couple months and see him it might reignite the spark? Do taurus men ever realize they want to talk to you after a time passes of no contact and resurface?

    And lastly…was he repelled by a relationship with me? Or anyone… Do you think this gemini has made an impression and he will pursue her to the exclusion of all others…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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