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capricorn woman likes a cancer

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    Hi, I’m a capricorn woman and I’ve known this cancer guy for a few years now but it was all formal talking and wish you a happy holiday texts between us. (Although I caught him on tape staring at me when i’m not looking on a couple of trips with the group) and every couple of months or so he sends a message asking me if I like silver or black for the new cell he wants to buy and stuff like that. Untill three months ago when he sent me a message (since we live in different places) with a link to justin timberlake’s mirrors saying I should listen to the amazing lyrics, I thought it’s a hint that he likes me so I suggested a romantic song too and since then he flirts with me everytime he sees me and I flirt back,he’s more comfortable around me comparing to others,for some reason he tells me about girl friends that he has,he stares at me with googly eyes that shine in a breathtaking way so I stare back and it lasts for a while.but once we’re not face to face anymore it takes a while for him to send a message but when he does its on more personal subjects but sometimes he doesn’t answer mine so I got upset one time and didn’t log in for two days and according to a mutual friend he kept logging in every half an hour for 10min each till 3am those days.the third day his sister called askung me to please log in to see  a post she made and when I did I found a reply from him saying he’s sorry and the internet sucked so I replied and things are normal again. I saw him again on dec12th and he isn’t the same smh he’s more formal (but still more comfortable around me) and now he stares at me only when im not looking..I didnt change my friendliness with him but decided to give him some space and not log in for a  haven’t heard from him since except for a reply on my happy new year’s post that I tagged him in. Yet he never uses whatsapp (im the only friend he hhaswith whatsapp and we talk on fb) but since the last time I saw him his (last seen) is every two hours.

    I can’t get him out of my mind but im too confused.does he like me or not? Should I send him a message or not?

    His birthday is on june  28th and mine is jan8th.


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