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time to let go cap and sag

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    I’m 24 capricorn and his 24 and sagitaurous his has good personality at list it change being during 8years together but I was blinded in love not anymore tired that his inresponsible onlys work 2days a week  he don’t drive  I take him 30 mins takes to work pick him up and to gym too we have 2 daughters and he don’t ever plan to get better job start driving get a car or move us 4 somewhere else I m tired he don’t listen his to comfortable living like that I’m tired of giving him chances he hot in bed great body but his not enought man the and father he needs to be it can work but be ready work sagitarious play toomuch free spirit drives me mad um nice serious and responsible I learn from him to not  take things to the heart and worry so much but now is too much cause I’m my bad habits off inrwsponsibility I learn from him I care for him but I think he can do much better but I just can’t take it any more I work more amd take my daughter to school and take care of the lil one and they both little still and he and show then any manner he play too much on the phone and my computer if my mom don’t feed them he don’t worry he let then do what wver they like we don’t comunicate goes in and out the ear

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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