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    i am ritu khanna my dob is 10-02-1972 time is 2-26 am delhi. i am architect since feb 2011 i am job less due to best of al my efforts i am now going to join on ist dec with a good firm i want to know will everything will be fine with my job & career

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    I think things should go fine now and there is no need to worry. I will quote a few lines from our Future Predictions Report.

    Jupiter conjunction Mars: December 26, 2011

    Stay active, build yourself up and focus on your career. Anything you try to accomplish will seem to come easier to you. Although you feel you can do so much more than you could before, be sure to give yourself the nutrition and breaks you deserve. Over working yourself will not give you the outcome you desire. With your self-confidence, impressionable attitude and optimism, you are going nowhere but up.

    Self confidence is high along with your energy levels. Take this time to start a new project or look into other avenues that will be beneficial for you. You may want to do this solo and without the help of others. This will be your best way to reach your goals as you have a higher energy than others and tend to be moving at a much faster pace. You could feel they are just slowing you down.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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