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    I recently have been casually seeing two men, I seem to have a crazy feeling that I’m met to be with one of the long term. I feel a strang bond when I talk to him almost like an infatuation and we have only been talking for a month and gone on one date. Is this completely irrational? Is there any serious future between us; concerning marriage and children, or have I lost my marbles?


    Having an infatuation with an individual is not love. It’s pretty early to start thinking about having a future with this person since you have only been on one date with this individual. It’s important to get to know the person and spend time with them for at least a year or more before you start even thinking about children or marriage. If you are serious about the one individual you wouldn’t need to see the other guy. You would want to spend your time with him only.

    I wouldn’t say you have lost your marbles, but it appears that you are “under his spell”, so to speak. He must be quite a charmer. Give yourself time to get to know him and what he’s like, personality-wise. See how he treats you.

    I was looking at your profile. You are pretty young still. Have you went to college or university and received an excellent education. Have you done all those things you would love to do on your to-do-list before you decide to settle down. Many women like to have their education under their belt and be established and have a good job before settling down and having children of their own. Children are rewarding but they are expensive as well. (I have none of my own btw)  

    Children are a full-time responsibility. No more parties everynight, no more just you, you will have children that must come before your own needs. Also don’t forget the late night feedings, diaper changes, staying up with them all night when they are sick.

    Does this fellow feel the same way you do? Please take into consideration on what I said. You are young and their is no rush into getting married and having kids or worrying if he’s the “one” you’re going to spend your life with. Just seize the moment and enjoy you’re life!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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