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Problem in Personal Life due to Marriage

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         I am writing this thing with lot of hopes to get a wiseful answer as i am unable to get out through this problem.

    My story started in 2009 i met with a person cald mahesh who is my cousin very close relative. we use to chat i use to talk to him i use to share everything with him. and to be honest i also decided to marry him when he proposed me. it was just 3 months of our relationship i felt that he is very possivesive and by seeing his behaviour i asked him to leave me because it was going beyond the limits. then he startd blacmailing me saying tht if i dnt get married to him then he will say what all i do out i mean all my secrets at home. one day out of frsutration i said go to hell and he came to my home and told all my stories to my parents and he added many other things which was not right actually which made me more angry. As i still had two more years to marry both of our parents decided to leave this topic will see after two years. then i never called him he use to text me someone. now prob arise here i m in love with someone else now. and i want to marry him he is also of my caste but the problem is my parents are not accpeting it because by knwo everyone in my life knwns about mahesh and if again i say that i want to get married to someone else will creat a prob as that mahesh has cleard said that he wont let me marry with someone else. he has become so stubbron that he is still back of me.. But in this 2 years i never spoke to him nor i have shown any intrst in him.. If anyone can help me out with this it would be a great help. as i am unable to take a decision. and the worst part is that now my parents have also accpetd mahesh and der want me to get married to my parents are not supporting me..

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    well i was wondering why u woulddnt b able to marry the new guy?

    Ask Oracle

    You are quite young and at that time you did not know how to handle that first guy, in any case you can learn and easily overcome these challenges.

    All you need is confidence and tremendous inner strength, and the key to confidence is great health (both physical and mental). Take a look at our Solutions page and get started.

    It has been observed that confident people are given lots of respect and on the other hand people with low self-esteem are treated badly and abused.

    Once you are confident and believe in yourself, in a joyful mood, you can share whatever secrets the first guy knows to your current partner.

    If the first guy creates more problem in your life you can reach out to police, women help centers, social workers etc. and gain their support.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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