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Capricorn and Cancer verses Scorpio and Cancer

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    I am a cancer woman…and was married to a scorpio man for 13 years, he was the world best husband…and our relationship was wonderful…but I got restless and bored with the whole thing…too much routine…and he retreated and then I retreated and then it was over…but it is true what they say…I miss him a lot…I have been divorced from him for 23 years now and I often wonder about him and think of him…and yeah even miss him at times…so I am not sure if that is the almost perfect combination?

    I am very much interested in a Capricorn man…he is masculine, strong, disciplined, and successful…and he takes charge and amoung the zodiac signs he seems to be quite appealing to me…but he is engaged…and from what I have read about them…they are suppose to be the most faithful signs? and yet he always makes his way over to me whenever we are in the same room…and he always stands so close to me…he invades my personal space to the extent that it makes me uncomfortable at times…he always smiles at me and waves…talks to me…but I am shy and timid when I get around him…I am so attracted to him that I am afraid to touch him…I know that he is attracted to me with the same intensity…so I guess my question is? If he has made his choice…then why does he flirt with me? Somehow it just doesn’t seem right…


    He’s a cheater….if he do it to her, he will do it to you…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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