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Capricorn mother, Pisces daughter

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    just wondering what the relationship is said to be like.. me (pisces) and my mother (Cap) used to fight – a lot! i moved out recently and she took it pretty hard… she’s still expecting me to move back home any day, and if im ever home she treats me like a queen. but then before i moved out it was like WW3 nearly every day! she expected certain things from me,  i couldn’t ever fulfill her expectations, and i have very low-self esteem from all the comments she would make towards me.. i can’t stand who pessimistic and suspisious she is, and she can’t stand how im always “on cloud nine”! but overall we get along just a long as i ignore her comments etc.. i’ll always love her, she is my mother after all, i just can’t live with her 😛

    is everyone who has the same Zodiac signs as us the same? or was it just us?

    P.S i apologise for any spelling mistakes, my computer is deciding not to point out any errors :/

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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