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career path and goals

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    single mom age 44 getting a late start in life..currently enrolled as a full time student online working in my aas in web design technology.Past brain surgeries and was determined disabled eight years ago. Decided I don’t want to be disabled anymore.

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    Well its all about turning challenges into opportunities 🙂

    First things first, as such your first priority should be being happy and feeling loved in present moment. All other things will be taken care of.

    A stress-free, conflict-free and relaxed approach towards life will help you keep away from unnecessary problems and increase your capacity to be happy, smiling and loving. Other than this, deep relaxation will also open up unexplored dimension of human life – discovery of real You that stays unaffected from ups and downs. Meditation is that path.

    As far as career is concerned, you need to be a little smart here. Apart from learning new skills, you can also make best possible use of your existing strength and talent, and things that you already have. Build on top of what you already have(or know) and that will help you progress faster in your career.

    Also pay attention to your assets, create more and more assets so that they can provide you plenty of money in future. Start early, focus on building assets and build on top of what you already have (or know).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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