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confused about gemini male

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    i met a gemini man a few days ago. he gave me his # and told me he would be expecting a call that night. i got tied up and didnt call that night. i texted the next afternoon and apologized for not being anle to contact him the previous evening. he said everything was cool. no problem. later that day we talked for like 2 hours straight. he told me he was in love with his ex gf. but she wont take him back. then he asked me to keep him company while he did some home repairs. i declined. but later that evening i went by. wetalked while he repaired some things. watched a movie and i left. i was there about 2 hours. he didnt try any funny business. very respectful. then he told me he decided not to keep persuing his ex. i always text first. only 1 time a day. since he never contacts me should i assume he is not interested anymore? and delete his #? im an aquarius female. if that matters.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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