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Depressed & Broken Heart ;(

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    I have a boyfriend “EgyptianGuy-Muslim-Leo Sign”, we’re planning to get married already. One time, when we’re dating and talking, part of our conversation is all about what is not good about our attitude. Although for me it is just an conversation for us to improve. All of a sudden, I haven’t noticed maybe he is pissed off. After he drop me home, i received a text message from him “he don’t want to pursue our marriage”. He told me that I have lots of complained about him. And I maks him unhappy always. I was hurt because I really love him a lot. I don’t know how to tame him. How to bring back all the good times. It makes me sick right now. I don’t know what to do especially that I am looking forward to be her partner in the future. Please advise me what to do? I want him back, because I really love him and I really accepted all his beliefs and attitude.

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    You see The thing about relationships is ACCEPTANCE. First you would have to accept the way you are and each and everything about you that’s messy and unwanted. Once you are at peace with yourself then acceptance for him or anyone else will come by itself and then the love just flows without having to change a thing.

    He needs appreciation from you and you cant fake it. Appreciation is a quality that flows naturally when there is love and deep acceptance with yourself. We are providing compatibility articles so that you can know yourself and your partner. They help with acceptance and understanding.

    You can talk to him and discuss the situation. Ask for his support. He can choose to cooperate because more difficult challenges might come in future also. 🙂

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    Thanks for the response.
    He told me that I deserved someone better, not a boring one like him. What hurts me more is that we don’t have a formal break-up. He don’t want to talk to me. The feeling that I really accepted his religion and everything about him and my family agreed also, and then after that,,,it will become nothing in just a second. The plans after marriage. I really want to talk to him but I don;t know how? He is really tough like “Lion”. I’m really hurt because I love him so much.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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