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Female Leo and Male Taurus, what do you think?

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    I’m a Leo (Born July 26, 1994 @ 10:07 AM) and this guy i met online is a Taurus (Born May 20th 1992- i do not know the time)

    we’ve been talking for a short while and we sort of like each other but I’m not going to move to fast into things. but i decided to see what astrology says about our sign match out of curiosity.

    i’ve read countless readings about Leo saying how big of attention seekers we are.. I’m not a big attention seeker though in fact i rather stay away from attention usually. however i do like affectionate attention though, that i will admit lol

    but my overall question is What do you think of the Leo & Taurus Compatibility in a general aspect? (is it a good match or a not so good match?)

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