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Finding “the one?”

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    Is such a thing even possible? I am a Virgo male looking for a woman to share my life with, however, it seems next to impossible. 🙁

    I am 23 years old and i have never been in a relationship before, but that’s all i dream of. I guess my problem is talking to the woman i like and wish to know better. I don’t want to ask the wrong woman out. My view on the wrong woman is a woman specifically looking for a one night stand. I just don’t do those kinds of things, regardless of how high my sex drive may be. It’s my belief that it takes more than one night to get to know someone. Also, for the record i am a virgin. 

    Anyway, is there any advise you could give me? I’ve had feelings for many women and none of them turned out to be a woman i could be with. So how would you know where and when such a woman could happen to walk into your life, do people feel something more for “the one” that they can’t explain, or is it just like meeting any other person?

    Oh yeah, sorry. I am new here. Hello. :’)

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