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Sagittarius Men and “The Evil Twin”

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    I am a Aquarius woman that was married to Sagittarius man for over 11 years.  When we met his was very soft spoken, and carry himself like a gentlemen.  He was romantic, often singing songs to me.  I enjoy his company but not as much as he enjoy being with me.  He purpose to me several times before I finally would agree to marry him. 


    At the time we share so much in common, I have always seemed them different than most people, but he also saw the world and universe different.  His ideas lean more to the past of the great Greece gods, and my interest lay more in the future, what if.


    Soon after we were married, this romantic Sagittarius show me his other side, ‘The Evil Twin”, I call this twin Lukas, with a narcissistic personality, no longer had my own ideas and plans, and he expected me to along with any idea he had regardless.  We both were still in the military at this time, but he still wanted to be treated special and for me to behave in a way acknowledging him as the man in charge.


    When we met, I have several close friend and many other friends, we would take turn having cook out at each other home, until I introduce the my Sagittarius man to my friends.   He instantly tried to be in the center of each of my conversation, even if he didn’t know the subject, his comments were rude, and no one got his jokes but him.


    Whenever I disagree with him who was often, he would attack me with any words that came into his thoughts, name calling, putting me on a lower level than he was.  As an Aquarius woman I struck back, and I tried to hit him harder and deeper with my words.  He would than go through the house punching holes in the walls, and doors; throwing glass ware against the wall watching it break into pieces

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