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Taurus Female & Taurus Male

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    I am a taurus female in love with a taurus male. He is 26 and I am 21. We have been friends on Facebook since 2011, we come from the same country, city and speak the same language too. I presume he had been eyeing me from the time we were friends on Facebook. In 2012 he inboxed me just greeting me and asking where i live, telling me how beautiful i am the usual stuff lol. He asked me who i live with and i told him and i also asked the same question to which he said ‘i live with my daughter and her baby mama,’  see i knew this because he had a pic of his daughter so one would expect he lives with a woman. We talked some more about our day and that was it. In 2014, we talked again on Facebook, this was just checking up and he replied telling me to take his number instead as he is hardly on Facebook anymore. So i added him and we talked some more, at this point he was really full on like I like the way you carry yourself etc, you are beautiful eyc.and he asked if i have a bf of which i didn’t have at the timetc i told him no. And i asked him if he had a gf (just to see his answer coz i knew he had a baby mama) so he told me he doesn’t have one anymore, they broke up some months ago, but when they broke up she was pregnant with their second child, which he went to see at least twice or so a week along with his daughter (the baby mana apparently moved out). Anyway this guy from the point we started talking he made it clear he wasn’t with me to play around but that he was looking for a wifey material, that he wants us to be eternal, wants me to have his baby, sending me pics of his daughter and he would say stuff like that’s your step daughter hope you treat all pur babies equally, you will make a good wife etc. I didn’t know if he was really serious or just saying all that so he could get down with me. When i see him he would ask about my family especially my brother, asking if i think he would like him etc is he serious about me? I don’t want to get hurt but I’m in love with him. 


    He is all i ever wanted in a man, i think my standards for a man are quite high, extremely high, no guy ever satisfies my eye in terms of physical appearance, i think im too much of a perfectionist -__- i dunno why to be honest. But with him he ticks every box, he smells good, looks good, dresses well, his dressing is expensive I’m talking labels not just ordinary good looking clothing which is exactly how i am too. 


    Its been some months of us talking. The only thing is that he is extremely possessive, extremely jealous. Like its just too extreme, im a taurus too but his traits are extreme. He has a tendency of calling every hour or so if he hears that im somewhere like a party. If he doesn’t get things his way, he becomes extremely angry and starts thinking that i might be with another person etc, 


    If he is serious about marriage what causes him to not trust me, otherwise that might make him come across as immature. Immaturity = not marriage type right?

    Whenever we meet, we do kiss a lot and i knoe he gets turned on but never forces me to get physical with him. We still talk, he stil calls and texts n plans for the next dates etc.

    He says ‘Im not like the other guys after sex’ 0_o. It’s been 10months of talking to be precise, surely if he wanted sex he would have left by then? Or is he getting it elsewhere?


    Should i leave him or should i pursue him? 


    Lemme read completely and i shall answer. Also you can ask me over my facebook page.


    @Rohit, thank you. Will be patiently waiting 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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