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Male Aquarius and Leo Female Compatibility?

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    I’m a Leo female and quite head over heels with an aquarius male named Greg. We dated from November 2011 to March 2012 — not very long, but I knew I fell for him. We are different, yet we work together well once our egos are pushed to the side. Well, even after the break up, we stayed in contact and continued to act like we were together — we were both looking for a new partner, but no one could measure up to what we shared. Recently, I had started talking to another man and told my ex about it. After that, it was a kick to him that he realized just how much he still cared about. He’s had a long time to think about everything, and we became closer over the past 5 months than we were when we were together. He absolutely hates talking on the phone, yet we managed 5 straight hours(From 11:30pm until 4:30am). At the ending of our conversation, he told me the only other person he can speak to as freely as he does with me is his little sister. He enjoys our conversations, how easily they flow, and how comfortable he is with me. Well, a few days after that, (after me and the other guy decided to just stay friends), he told me that this psychology class he was taking helped him to learn more about his emotions, and figure out what he wanted. One of those things was me. He used to say “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” when I tried to get him to use more phone communication when we were together. We could go a few days without talking and it drove me crazy! Now, he is willing to compromise to do what ever it takes to keep me in his life. He’s army and is gone quite a bit, (especially next year when he’s going on deployment for 13 months), but he wants me to make the decision to be with him or not. We’ve been through quite a bit. Opened up to each other in ways we’ve never done with others. We can talk for hours, laugh freely, and smile until our cheeks hurt. We both feel like better individuals when we’re around each other. He makes me think more logical, and I bring out emotions in him. We are both in uncharted territory because we’re learning from each other in ways that we’ve never done with anyone else. 

    One other problem we ran into was when we did break up, he didn’t fight to stay with me. That was another compromise he was wanting to make. He’s never fought with a female, and usually walked away because he’s not big on drama, yet he was trying to pick a fight WITH ME! lol It didn’t work since I kept laughing at him trying to get me to call him names. He said he’s done running, and wants to fight with me just so we can make up afterwards and talk about things. 

    I understand I can be very emotional at times, and he needs freedom. My question is, if an Aquarius and Leo are willing to make compromises, could it work? Is there anyone out there that is happily married? 

    I’m scared of getting hurt again, but for the VERY first time, he actually said “I’m crazy about you.” I said “Wait… what?” so he replied “Yes, Alex. I love you. I’m head over heels in love with you. You’re all I want.” He doesn’t throw around the love word easily, which still shocks me that he said it but I could honestly feel that he meant it. I’m just worried that an Aquarian can get bored with a Leo. Any comments? 

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