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Gemini Man seeks advice for Aquarius Woman

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    As a matter of fact, I’m seriously in love with an Aquarius girl. The girl seems to be attracted to some piscian man. We are friends but only casual and there’s nothing going on between us. 

    She is truly an aquarius girl but I’m a little serious contrary to my basic geminian attribute. I was considered serious, intellectual and introvert from my earlier group of friends. But many things changed when I met this girl. I became more talkative, extrovert, flirty and generated a lot of sense of humour. My new group of friends would take me as a true Geminian but my old friends still considers me a quiet individual. Even my family considers me quiet.  Many a times, I have to downplay or shift personalities to meet expectations of my old friends and family.

    She has joined Air Force with some ground duties and I’m pursuing my higher studies in Computers (although, I was once a Mechanical Engineer). She seems to be difficult to approach now as she is not in contact with me anymore eversince she joined Air Force. Also, she is not contacting anyone from his casual friends circle. So my chances are almost zero.

    Please suggest me on how to keep up myself emotionally with this girl? I really love her and would want to start a life with her.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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