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Libra man with Virgo or Scorpio woman

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    I am a libra born on 10/14. Born and raised in the US/latino and dated a US/latina girl for sometime.  About 2 months ago I ended a 3 year relationship with this Scorpio woman  -11/10- due to the fact that we were mostly arguing and she was possessive,  manipulative and not to mention dramatic..she has even crossed the line of “respect”..The smallest obstacle would erupt into fireworks of emotions. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions..but it was very overwhelming. There were better moments. We shared lots of things in common and she was very sweet..but this was omitted like a light switch.


    I still care for her as she does for me. But I thought a solid break would be the best since we both can focus on ourselves and not stress each other. Again, there were many good sides of the relationship which include her sweet, attentive, sensual and responsible nature; to say the least.


    Turning the page over, I met a virgo Dutch girl who is so sweet. Of course at the beginning every relationship seems like a loves story. But this girl has to be the sweetest one I’ve ever met. She is so laid back yet full of energy. The times I spent with her were far more relaxing and less tense than when I was with the Scorpio girl. I can talk to her about mostly anything and she often replies with a sweet mellow tone even if it is something critical…which as a Libra I love this easy going feature.


    Now this is my issue that hasn’t allowed me to sleep well for several nights now. I am still in touch with my ex scorpio while I am getting to know this Virgo. I still care for my scorpio – its only natural I suppose –  but I want to continue what I have going with the Virgo for the simple fact that she has made me feel very comfortable and happy around her. But at the same time she has the keen eye for flaws which I also like. But anyhow, given that at this particular moment I can work things out with either one….and historically speaking..our horoscopes are probably not the best matched ones…but i did date an aquarius for 3 years so i guess personality may be more of a focal point than a horoscope – this is why I am here 🙂


    What do you guys recommend I do? I know this is a vague question..but.Astrologically speaking as a libra, do you think I will have a more healthy relationship with my scorpio or virgo girl?




    Many thanks





    Personally, I do not solely go by someones astrological sign or which sign is more compatable than the other. Relationships do take work regardless of what sign they are. With that being said, I have read that Scorps are possessive. Maybe a Scorp reading this could maybe clear this up for me. I am just fearful of Scorps, especially male Scorps. Scorps are very intimate in the bedroom and keep you coming back for more. A relationship is much more than just sexual intimacy. I find Virgos much more laid back and very enjoyable to be around. They are a breath of fresh air and not so intense and communicate freely which makes conversations much more care-free and enjoyable.

    I am more concerned about the manipulations, possessiveness and not being respectful towards you, which may not really necessarily have anything to do with Scorpios, but something else.

    Let me ask you, what feels right for you? Sometimes entering into one relationship after another one can not always be best. Just rediscovering yourself and what you want and enjoying life is practically pivotol for human existance. Good for our well-being. But if you decide that being alone for a while is not for you, weighing out the pros and cons of the two relatinships you are and were in. Make a list of the current indivdual you have been with and the previous seperation. What is right for you? Who compliments you best.

    I don’t know if this helped, but maybe others may be able to offer some advice that may be helpful as well.


    Blessings to you!



    Thanks for your reply. As you may know by now Libras are so indecisive. But I guess it’s because we are simply trying to make a “perfect” choice, when in reality there is no such thing as perfect. I will agree with the fact that someones astrological sign could be irrelevant to foundation of a relationship. But someones astrology does prevail, even if it’s a very subtle level. To me I always see someones astrological characteristics show. But again, yes this can be irrelevant to the growth of any relationship as personality plays a more important role.


    With that been said, my ex scorpio intrigues me and I haven’t decided to give her another chance despite the fact that she “totally changed”. She is local and will do anything for me at this point. But unfortunately the damage was already done and I just don’t want to get back with her if I am still thinking about my beautiful Virgo.


    My Virgo girl lives out of the country for now. We met while I was traveling and even though a long distance relationship requires tons of efforts and dedication, for the past 4 months we have been in touch and getting to know each other very well. We share lots in common and she always writes to me and we express ourselves around each other. She loves it when I am very sweet to her and she notices all the simple things. But again, it’s a long relationship which I am willing to devote myself to. But the fact is that she will be meeting lots of people and so will i…but the subject was already brought up: Where do you see you self in the next year or so? We spoke about possibly settling somewhere…doesn’t matter where but she liked the idea of settling down in my city. She is a gem, and as I tell her..the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met! But I am still haunted by the ex and the fact that she is there for me and willing to do almost anything. Of course I’ve only known Virgo for 4 months vs Scorpio that I’ve known for almost 4 years.


    I do like your recommendation of the pros/cons list. But even without writing this list, I feel like Virgo will better suit me. But Scorpio also has many pluses. But now it comes down to how I will develop with either of them. Will I go with the perfect love story and the Virgo..which according to astrology doesn’t show to many emotions..but my Virgo’s charm and appreciation takes care of that..can she sustain a long distance relationship..she certainly sounds like she is into clearly cares about me since she has been trying to visit me for a while now..but it’s difficult for her due to $…or should I go with Scorpio(local) which I may lose soon due to the fact that I am waiting on something to happen with Virgo.


    As you can see these are some very complicated terms. And please excuse my vague statements. Maybe it’s the confusion in my head taking over : I love challenges dearly. But this one has me up at night. And although there is no way to forecast the future, I don’t want to lose both, but will eventually need to lose one of them :/


    Your input is highly appreciated



    Awwww :(. That is complicating, but one I think can be solved with some major decision making. I’m a Gemini, so I analyse every situation that involves my life and how it will effect me short or long term. 

    Starting with the lovely Virgo woman. She is long distance and long distance relationships can be rough and complicating, but, if the both of you are dedicated in making the relationship work, it may be worth it. I find Virgo’s to be a breathe of fresh air and not so intense like our Scorpio friends.

    Scorpios have a certain sex appeal that attracts us to them. They are very mysterious and sexy. Relationships with Scorpios are not always easy though. They do like to stick to themselves at times and CAN be secretive. I had a relationship with a Scorp and it was horrible, intense and rocky. I did not like being one of his possessions and I hated his jealous streaks. What draws you truly back to your ex-Scorp girlfriend. Did you both have a trusting relationship, meaning, did you trust each other. Do the pro’s outweigh the cons with your relationship with your ex.

    If I were in your position , and I realise I’m not, I would just enjoy life a little and see where things go between you and the woman you are having the long distant relationship with. See what happens.

     I have to be really honest with you Tobe, I am a big believer in the No Contact Policy after a breakup with someone. It gives you time to think, do some things you have always wanted to do for yourself. Look after you! Tell me what you think!

    Blessings to you Tobe 



    Being a scorpio woman I can let you know that we are so intenst because we feel so god damn much…

    You may think that your scorpio woman is tough and intense however she may be incredibly sensitive and her intensity a result of not feeling safe in her relationship with you,when we feel safe we are confident and not so intense.

    Maybe you need to look at how you both express your love scorpios do alot of expressing by giving either time or physically….

    We love to feel connected through physical intimacy…

    We hate showing how vulnerable we are, we are water and can feel others moods and often take them on.

    Go Virgos can be equally intense,negative and hard on themselves and others, can be very self absorbed something I don’t experience as a scorpio…………….

    At the end of the day trust your heart

    scorp is not the easiest sign but will always have depth and want to grow and experience life


    Intensity is perfectly ok but to be insecure to the point of being possessive of an individual is not acceptable. Human beings are not possessions and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Everyone has a right to feel a certain way, but when a negative act or behavior directly effects another, it can be damaging to others.

    The first post that I left, I really feel that it doesn’t matter what your astro-sign is. Some astro-signs seem to correspond with our personalities, but we can’t just use astrology alone to assume that is what these individuals are like. Like I stated, we must take into account someones upbringing (their enviroment), also genetics, psychology, if the individual suffers from an on-going mental condition etc…

    Many astro-signs can show possessiveness, but we can’t assume or make it factual that it is because it is because of their sign. Possessiveness is a sign of insecurity and that no matter how hard the individual tries to explain to the possessor that they are loved and accepted it will not change. No matter how rational you try to discuss and address the issue, it becomes dramatic and the conversation can turn irrational and confrontational. Speaking to a qualified therapist about this issue will definately bring resolve to the problem and relationships in the future will be less stressful for both parties and more fulfilling and enjoyable!



    I would never try again with an ex so I think Virgo 😉

    And… I know an Libra man who dated an Scorpio for a while but since he’s now with an Virgo woman he feels so much better. He loves her more. 🙂


    Wow.. thanks for all the generous feedback.

    What kills me is short..the one I care for lives 15 minutes away. And the one I am crazy for lives 5000 Miles away. But this is only because she is on contract for another 6 months and possibly 1 year. We will be able to see each other..but it’s wild and at the same time i don’t mind giving the scrop another chance. She is showing better signs but at the same time this may vanquish in the flip of a switch; back to square one.

    The crazy part is that for now Virgo and I are communicating more often and we always keep the conversations chipper. It can be theraputic 😀 But my Scorp is very driven and focused and sexy..Even my virgo is physically just as sexy..maybe even more :D, the scorp has a more sexy vibe.

    Thanks again for the elaborating on my deep issues.




    Hi Luis;


    I do find that Scorpios do have a sexy vibe about them. They are very driven and motivated in any project they take on. Virgos are naturally very sexy, pure and have such vibrant personalities.

    I hope things work out for you, hun! Just take really good care of yourself. Maybe sometime down the road you could let me know how things are going with you and your chosen partner. The best of luck to you!

    Take care and Blessings to you! 🙂




    Thanks again. lets hope i have made a choice indeed. But at this point I am still deciding. One of toughest choices I’ve ever had to make..



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