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Gemini woman and Scorpio man

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    What has been your experience? 


    Ive dated two Scorpio men and can honestly say I’m done with them.

    Their mysteriousness, honesty, and depth was an instant hook. But once in a relationship that mysteriousness turns into stuff they keep away from you. That honesty? All just lies, because they tell you what you want to hear. Depth? A swirl of dark toxic thoughts. Plus they have trust issues and are always suspicious, so they feel the need to be possessive and keep a tracking device on you’re ass!

    In my opinion, a Scorpio can never truly fulfill me emotionally (they don’t open up and cant quite express themselves), sexually (not enough sexual endurance or libido to keep up, not enough variety,not adventurous), or spiritually.

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    I too am a gemini woman with a scorpio man.  Everything pretty much states that we are a mismatch.  However, I was married to a scorpio for 23 years & then he left me abruptly for another woman.  He was a huge ego maniac, controlling, intense…  Guess what?  My 2nd boyfriend (current) after my husband?  Yep, a Scorpio.  Am I a scorpio magnet or what?  He isn’t controlling or an ego maniac – seems to be very little like my x in many ways.  However, he definitely lacks in providing me any type of emotional support.  He tends to avoid the difficult conversations, he seems unable or unwilling to address my questions & fears about the relationship, but has no problem asking me to hear & address his.  I am head-over-heels & the sex is amazing – we are both very intense and creative in that department & both of us have huge libidos!  Part of me says run but the other part says 23 years was an accomplishment….

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