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Will he come home?

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    I have (or had) a really great boyfriend. We were high school sweathearts and after 10 years were reunited. He’s a very closed up, non-emotional person and doesn’t communicate well. Last week, I asked him to please start saying nice things to me once in a while so I’d feel important. Well, I accidentally made him feel inadequate and I didn’t mean to. I tried to tell him I didn’t mean to and tried to tell him he’s doing a great job in our relationship and household. He left and I haven’t seen or heard from him in days. He’s left before like this, not wanting to deal with anything and ends up coming back after 3 or 4 days. He asked me not to bother him, to give him his space and said he may come home. I’ve done exactly that but no results. What do I do? My kids are hurting, I’m missing him and hurting. I would like to know, is he coming home? At all? If so, any idea when?

    His DOB is 11/26/84 and mine is 5/31/85 if that helps.

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