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    Will I ever be happy

    Ask Oracle

    @patricia5 Happiness is your nature and you just need to open your eyes, see things differently and allow it.

    Governments, religious leaders, and your own well wishers would say – do this or that and be happy. Get a degree, good paying job, loving partner and friends, have children, big house, luxury car and so on and I say there is no need for all this to be happy.

    Do you rememmber when you were a kid, 2 yrs old, you were very happy, playful and full of life.

    As we grow up we take up wrong habits, unhealthy beliefs and the result of which is sadness and even depression.

    The key to happiness is inside you and not outside in the world. There is no need to fix relationships, finances or hard work to be happy.

    Let go and be happy. Pay attention to your health and be happy. Appreciate yourself and be happy.

    Its easy, you see.

    You may be holding onto negative memories and I think if you do Chakra cleansing, you’d experience instant happiness.

    Take a look at our Solutions page and find your happiness which you never lost at first place.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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