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Help please 🙁 Virgo and cappie

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    Does this Capricorn guy likes me are not ? He has a very busy work schedule and am in school and work . I’m 20 and he 26 And we month ago and we’ve only met up once since and since then whenever we make plans to met up again something comes up but we talk and text everyday until recently he just withdrawn after telling me he can’t wait so long to see me again and we were suppose to met since week but I left work late and he didn’t want me to come so late. So he promise to call me the next day and he didn’t so I text him and he never responses until late that night saying “yup” I didn’t reply. Does he like me are what ? I’m a Virgo aug 28 1991 and he’s jan 16 1986. I make the efforts to make it clear to him that I like him a lot no games. Ive tried to make plans but he says he likes me but he just pullback so now I’m wondering of I should move on are just call him are wait to see if he will call. I want to see him so badly again just to atleast see if he likes me are should I play hard to get see of he calls

    Ask Oracle

    Well the real issue is simple –

    You both are not ENJOYING things in life and too busy with other unimportant things.

    Allow him to make up his mind and meanwhile you can work on other things like raising your own charm and have a joyful mood 24×7.

    Take a look at our Solutions page and try out a few things.


    ThsnkThanks you oracle 🙂 right now im working on finiaging school and my new job but I wanted to know if he’s interested in me do he like me? Should play hard to get are call him ??? I don’t sant to come off easy are desperate to me but I hate playing games 🙁

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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