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    i met this guy thru my friend’s skype account which i used temporarily. started with a simple birthday greetings for my friend and just replied thank you. he sent me messages and answered him with my friend’s permission. he was aware that its not my account. we chatted almost everyday since then except only when he’s travelling. it seemed like were not good without each other everyday. weve treated each other in a very special way. we are both geminis. we planned to see each other last august but i declined due work schedules. hes telling me he’s in love with me but i dnt belived him because we dnt know each other personally and were jst chatting. i fell in love with him unexpectedly… told my feelings for him. he answered i shouldn’t feel that way. it broke my heart suddenly… i break my rules for the first time just for him. i want to forget but the more i think of him . what will i do now?


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