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How do you attract a Taurus? 🙂

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    I’m beggggging to know. 

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    Notes for attracting a Taurus

    Always be clean and fresh

    Compliment them on their looks/creativity/intelligence – be genuine though

    Cook their favourite meal

    Have lovely candles lit during the evening

    Ensure quite groovy/cool/relaxing Music is on in the background

    Great setting


    Support their career

    Subtle but sincere compliments

    Be patient  and encouraging

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    I’ve dated 2 taurus men, the things they said they liked about me were my loyalty, devotion to the relationship, the little things i did to make them feel adored, this is prolly the only sign that loved my jealous streak lol, the passion i have for the way i feel about things and the fact that i could take their teasing and dish it back out for fun. It seems they like a good laugh, and liked teasing, which always turned out to be alot of fun. They were known to flirt, but as long as i spoke to them maturely about things that bothered me, they listened and tried their best to make things right that bothered me. If i freaked out on them things never went well, not sure what sign you are, iam a scorpio. Have fun, flirt, make them laugh, be yourself because regardless of any advice, most important thing is if anyone (regardless of their sign) dont like you for being you, then how can you ever be happy anyways, you know what i mean? 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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