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How to create manual GPRS setting in my Nokia 6670?

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    How to create manual GPRS setting in my Nokia 6670?



    For Internet use you must be have GPRS setting in every mobile so you can set APN for particular mobile service operator.  For create new APN or GPRS setting you must be do follow process. Visit our immigration law firm site for more details about manual GPRS settings.


    ü  Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection


    ü  Select Access Points > Options > New access point > Use default settings


    ü  Give any Name for the connection like Airtel or Vodafone.


    ü  Set Data bearer to Packet data


    ü  Fill in access point name (APN);


    ü  Set Username (None)


    ü  Set Promt password to No


    ü  Set Password (blank)


    ü  Set Authentication to Normal


    ü  Set Homepage to whatever site you like


    ü  Select Packet data


    ü  Set Packet data conn. to When available


    ü  Leave Access point blank


    ü  Finished thats all now you can use Internet.


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