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taurus man and cancer woman problems

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    I am a cancer woman and i was immediately attracted to this taurus man.. and i think am falling in love with him. He’s really sweet and he asked me out. But he doesnt always reply to me. he’s usually always really busy and doesnt give me that much attention. He has always asked me to give him some time cos its just the beginning of the relationship. But sometimes he really hurts my feelings by acting like a total jerk. And as a true patient cancerian i take his shit and make him feel better cos he’s uaully in a bad mood. Is this relation going anywhere? cos i cant seem to take his shit anymore. Sometimes i feel he asked me out just cos he felt sorry for me or somethng. 

    Pls help any cancerian woman out der with a taurus man. These men are just so complicated!!! Shud i call him? 😛 or wait for his call?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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