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Will my husband ever return

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    I asked my husband for some space after lots of arguments,I only needed a couple of weeks thinking time as it had got so bad…but he got a flat and told me he didn’t love me anymore & that he would never come back..that was over two months ago.

    I feel like my world has collapsed & I’m just getting by because of my children…we had everything a great family friends,nice house,car & holidays & we both destroyed it. I have tried to see where it went wrong & all I can see is total disrespect for each other & only a week before this happened he said he loved me, we were together for 15 years….what went wrong? Will he realise what is lost & come home.

    I still love him I always will.

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    I am more concerned abt what might happen when he comes back? arguments? disrespect? the same story being repeated again? guilt?

    Or love and mutual respect? What has really changed that might make this relationship work?

    I think healing and taking care of your own health (both physical and mental) might be useful. If you are able to release the past trauma and negative, it will become far easier for you to accept him the way he is and attract happiness and laughter in your life.

    Take a look at our Solutions page and try Trauma Releasing…

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    Thank you for your reply…I think you are totally right about the mutual respect it has to change on both our partS to make the relationship work….I have realised over the last two months my own faults and where i went wrong, but because he is so bitter I don’t think he is facing up to his own yet…I do believe we are both as bad as each other & I have told him this but only time will tell what will happen I guess

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