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I love this boy and i need answers

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    It may seem dodgy that  a 12 year old student is concious about her future, yes very silly.

    Its just i have loved this boy, for neally a year and every where i go has a memory of me and him, he is forever in my head and after i found out that he doesnt love me it is difficult, people may read this and think “she is just a silly love struct pathetic little girl who has no idea about love” OK, you got the “love struct” correct but the rest just doesnt ring a bell to my personality.

    I am being honest this boy holds my future (hopefully)

    SO.. im here too find out if we will ever get back together and how long for?

    Will i love him forever or will one day my love for him go and i will move on?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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