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I need an advice !

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    why do I feel myself like I know what people are thinking an their intensions !  like i really  know everything…whenever im with someone a man i mean …hes good an everything .. but something is always wrong when everything seems right …. im still single but i mean whenever i go in a date with someone …. i just know what they think of.. is it a bad thing ?  its not like im a witch or something…i dont know maybe call it sixth sense but it kinda freaks me out that me myself know everything around me its  just so clear… im a happy person an i dont really think of getting involved with someone i dont throw myself at people i totally believe that if something is meant to be it will happen we dont need to go out there and look for it it will come to us.

    what im trying to say here ; like is this a good sign or a bad sign ?  like knowing whats going on exactly around you ?




    Ty  🙂  hope to get my reply

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