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In love with a younger Virgo man.

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    Ask Oracle

    t r u s t . m e

    One more 🙂


    Hi, u completely blown my mind away. Yes it’s true I spend my whole life thinking of what I’m supposed to be doing for others, believing, .blaming & actually thinking I’m never good enough for others & what’s strange I actually know I’m not right, I’m wrong. I’m just so afraid, so fearful I could be doing the wrong things.

    You see I know i don’t owe anyone explainations even 2 my so called hub who’s actually living his life rite now. It’s just my 2 boys that I’m living for & worry abt but I know deep in my heart, I HAVE to heal myself 1st only then I could be the best for them.

    U see I always feel we don’t live in a kind society. There’s always that expectation, judgement & demand. I know it too perhaps u too can feel my persistance when I speak. I always want answers & I want em quick. U see i’m moulded this way. Even in my career, I have to provide & demand results. When u always provide the best, u don’t have much choice but 2b d best. I always want 2b d best.

    When you live in anvironment like mine, where qualifications & life standards define who u are, it becomes a reality. God & there’s always religion to remember. U know i keep saying, there is really nothing wrong with the religion & our beliefs. There is just something wrong with the people. Definately not all but just a few idiots. That’s why you’ll see in my profile i just hate hypocrites.. gdness how i hate them.

    I’m sorry, just sorry. I’m lashing out right now. I’m angry, just angry. Conclusion: I know perhaps it’s just me who created this illusion. I can’t blame others but myself. I’ve to take a quiet moment to see myself & think of my next steps. Truly, I hope I’ve not scared you away haha.. but no matter what I do appreciate you.. 🙂

    Gdness & I’m actually thinking I could be in love with this person.. I absolutely don’t expect anything from him but is it wrong for me to hope? Pls will u still talk to me.. ;-D

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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