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Kermit the Frog Pisces and Miss Piggy Libra

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    Should I keep my feelings for him or let him go?

    My KTFP is friend of my since last year when we were freshmen, my friends made fun of me for “supposedly liking him” when I didn’t at the time. I told them that I would never like him that way because I respect him. Well they said “okay maybe later on…” This year now that we finished being sophomores, it was a rough and sketchy school year since I confessed to him that I like him on Valentine’s Day 2014. I beforehand, knew that he wouldn’t like me because he still holds feelings for a girl (from middle school) who goes to Stuyvesant High School. I told him “I like you…I know you don’t like me that way so…. yeah. Let’s still be friends” He just stood their without a word to say. I kinda cried over the weekend sobbing to sad music from my childhood knowing that I said something very  personal and I was afraid that it will impact greatly to our friendship. I honestly held hopes that he would return my love but that is just a dream that you wish your heart makes. By the end of this year, we are still frie but communication as lessen than the usual minimum of few. To think I thought we would be together because we kind of have similar childhood interests yet I guess I just me being blinded by the idea of “love”

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