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    is love real or is it just a thing people made up years ago. its like when we watch movies and read book its like a fairy tale but is it real we will never really no till it happens to us

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    haha 🙂 Real life seems so different than what they present in movies and books.

    Few things to consider:

    a) They don’t talk about real life in movies because it is so common and ordinary that no one would see their movie. So they only show rare and engaging stuff in movies. Same for books.

    b) Movies, books are all imaginations, recreation. Love exists in reality and in truth.

    c) Love even doesn’t exists in thinking, thoughts and dreams, because they too are not real.

    d) Love exists here and now. In present moment. Love is for real and just a glimpse of it has the potential to change a person inside out. But just like all good things are rare, so is Love. Only 1 out of 1000 people or may be less actually know what Love is and how beautiful and powerful it can be.

    This world is a strange place, people keep trying to experience Love and only cause more and more suffering for self and others. Anyway I suggest that you try to learn more about Love from a person who knows what it is, what they talk, show and present in society is nothing but sweet talk and false stories.

    Love does exists and you can find it if you are ready to give up your imaginations, needs, desires and fantasies.

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    me and my ex-boyfriend broke up before now we are together again

    can our relationship last forever ?

    does this means real love ?

    we broke up 2 years ago now we r back toghether last january/26/2012

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