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Love Horoscope Question.

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    Date of birth; 10 feb 1991.

    Sign; Aquarius.

    im a disable man who met an accident when I’m small. I have like a 15 year old girl, who do not like to hang out with her boyfriend. While I know her through google+, hang out! She is the girl that I had dream of! we share a lot of things in hangout. So im a guy from Singapore and she is a girl from California. She had ever asked me when I’m coming over to her country? But I couldnt give her the exact time I’m coming, because now I’m still studying…she was a little upset, after she know that.But she quickly found a boyfriend. She dated for one week, and stop what ever she was doing. Later, her boyfriend ask for a break up, she was so upset that she cry infront of me. I cool her down by sending her words of encouragement. one week later, she called me and ask me that I love her a not? At that point, my heart was beating so fast! My face turn red and I quickly said yes! I did some research and found that she was an aquarius! So may I ask, are we compatible or not compatible? As I know that im too old for her, or is it just ok for that… she was 8 yrs smaller than me. But I believe in love! So what’s your comment?













    to her break up in the recent month


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