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    I need suggestions for my love life. I have been in a relationship since last 2years. Things were all good, but since last 2-3months it turned bitter with misunderstandings. It has been over a month that my boyfriend decided to break up. He said he still cares for me, but doesn’t feel for me anymore. But he loved me so much 20days before that. I cried and pleaded for his return, But he behaves so hard. Presently since 1week, I have no contact with him. I miss him very badly every moment. I just can’t accept this break up. I feel doomed without him. Please help me with effective suggestions!

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    Things will go wrong sometime, and that’s okay. The fastest and the best way to bring things on track is to relax and enjoy 🙂

    The very effort to fix any relationship simply indicates Love is not there. So the more you try the more it will become clear that bonding of a relationship in not there. So just stop any effort to fix the relationship and just know that love is flowing. That’s why I’m asking you to relax otherwise the negative thinking pattern will continue and create more problems.

    There is absolutely no need to cry or plead, why cry when love is still there. Of course the other person needs sometime alone and that’s perfectly okay.

    Love is not something that’s dependent on words like ‘break up’ or ‘love you’, people will speak one thing one day, then change their mind and say something else next day. Love is always there and one must be awake to see it.

    I suggest that love is there, don’t worry. Totally relax now and pay attention to your health. And when I say totally relax, I mean stop thinking about anything.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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