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Messages revealed through meditation

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    If you or someone you know hears Voices….who are the voices that are speaking to them ?


      Through the gift of receiving…and listening to these voices….One becomes clearer than all the rest. The Essence felt gives acknowledgement of it’s existance and renders itself into the Mind.

    If one Hears words of phrophecy, and is fearful of telling these words of wisdom, and/or caution/ messages of Hope…  Why is it difficult for the world to recognize that these messages are real ?  There are phrases that have spoken into the Mind. Is it the individual hearing them, from their self concious…or is it from a Higher Power. Is that Human a Vessel ?  They are told not to reveal what they hear because the Humans will have Fear of the unknown and call him/her a Witch.  What can this Human do, when the information given to him/her needs to be released from their individual self…and they are also afraid of what will they will be thought of….How do they retell the messages and why are they told not to tell them…but only when the voice say to do so ?

    Ask Oracle

    First of all, if anything like that happens, they are most likely temporary things. Pay attention to them only if they appear frequently enough.

    And if they appear regularly and one knows its true for them then there is no fear. Fear and truth are opposite ideas, fear is so human, and truth is so godly.

    And voices are really scared if they tell not to reveal them. 😛 Any higher power is never scared.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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