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Never felt this way before

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    I need advice..

    I first noticed this guy when I was working out. He so happens to be an employee and also scans your membership card once entering the gym. I noticed he would stare but I didnt think much of it until one day I was just entering the gym and he was checking me out. I thought either this guy thinks im cute or likes checking out every girl that walks in. So I didnt take it seriously yet again. But the more i went, I noticed he really would occasionlly look at me while working out. Since I haven’t talked to a guy in such a long time, I was actually pretty excited at the fact that I might just be interested in getting to know him. Maybe he really is trying to talk to me… of course being the romantic pisces.. that’s what I thought. So one day after my workout, I gathered up my courage to start small talk with him. I go up to him (while he’s behind the counter) and ask him a few gym questions. Not making it obvious I was secretly starting to have a small crush on him, he answered my questions. And with this blunt question I have towards the end of our small talk I ask..”And also, just wondering, how old are you?” ….. yes I asked that:( (seemed courageous in my mind at the moment, I also thought it would show that I am trying to get to know him…)

    Of course, I tell my coworker about him and she asks me how’d it go.. I tell her what I said at the end. At first I thought it was ok, until she made me feel stupid for asking him that. She said I might as well ask for his number. That’s how blunt it was. I didnt see it that way and since, I started to back off and see if he even tries talking to me after that incident. All its done was made him stare at me more and yet no talk.

    With classes started, I would barely go to the gym now, and when I do, I just act normal, let him scan my card (when he would be working) and carry on with my business. As if what I had done never happened. Played it cool i guess. So lately I haven’t seen him in over weeks, and am thinking I should just add him on facebook (we have mutual friends) and maybe we’d talk eventually. Again, this was an act out of bravery, its usually nothing I would do out of the ordinary.  So that being done, he accepted in less than an hour and nothing has happened (not that I was expecting something too soon) But my question is when I see him again for the first time since adding him on facebook, should I keep playing it cool and do what I went to the gym for or try talking up a conversation and see if he is interested at all?

    Im just re reading this and I am sounding a bit clingy or yet paranoid for trying to talk to someone I dont even know. But I’m not lying when I’ve been in a better mood knowing I actually am interested in someone for once (usually the guy is interested and I lose feelings fast) even my boss says she thinks im in love because I’ve messed up at work.. as if my mind is else where.

    Also, when I added him and saw his birthday.. He is a scorpio.


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